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Styxit personal My name is Floris, online known as Styxit. I’m Dutch, and live in Germany. I like coding, playing games and enjoy rock- and metal related music.

I am a big fan of Laravel and use it on a daily base. It is my go-to framework for the last years. In the past i worked a lot with CakePHP and have used it for several projects.

For this blog i wanted to try out something new and went with Jekyll.


Nintendo Switch games price tracker (2019) - I started a price tracker application to keep track of Nintendo Switch games. It updates prices multiple times per day. Users can subscribe to games discounts and set their own prices. When a wanted game is on sale, users who subscribed to it will recieve an email.

Laundry Admin (2018)

Laundry Admin on GitHub - A fun project to solve one of my “problems”: forgetting to take the laundry out of the machine after it has finished washing. It sounds like a small thing but i put a lot of time and effort in this. Mainly just because i enjoyed it. It contains a dashboard where you can manage multiple washing machines, see the the history of when they were used and real time tracking of the currently active program. It sends out notifications upon completion to either a push service or email. I used OCR to read the display of the machine and translate that into the remaining time.


HTPC-Manager - Since 2013 i am working on HTPC-Manager, an opensource project wich provides a frontend for all sorts of htpc-related software. It is mostly written in python and relies upon the available API’s from the supported third party software. Python is not my main language, but i adopted it pretty quick.


At the moment i am working as a senior backend dev at About You in Germany.

Before that i was employed for 10 years at Exonet, a Dutch hosting provider. In the past i worked at several companies, all involved in or in some way related to webdevelopment. Besides that i ran my own webdevelopment and consultancy business.

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