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Styxit personal My name is Floris, online known as Styxit. I live in the Netherlands. I like coding, playing games and enjoy rock- and metal related music.

I am a big fan of CakePHP and have used it for most of the websites i created. For this blog i wanted something new and went with Jekyll and Github pages.


Since 2013 i am working on HTPC-Manager, an opensource project wich provides a frontend for all sorts of htpc-related software. It is mostly written in python and relies upon the available API’s from the supported third party software. Python is not my main language, but i adopted it pretty quick. I may not yet use all of it’s fancy capabilities, but i can find my way around.

I am currently employed at Exonet, a Dutch hosting provider. In the past i worked at several companies, all involved in or in some way related to webdevelopment. Besides that i ran my own webdevelopment and consultancy business.

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