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Site changes

29 December 2013

As mentioned in my first post, i had some second thoughts about the color scheme used for this blog. It turns out i am not satisfied with it. The turquoise color i used before just didn’t do the trick for me. I wanted a bright color that was an eye-catcher but not too much distracting and still have a ‘mature’ feeling.

Inspired by the Cerulean bootswatch theme inversed navbar, the new color turned out to be #094e95. I always liked the inversed Navbar in the Cerulean theme but had never used it. I considered using it for my HTPC-Manager project, but never did.

Also i found a way to truncate the post content on the index page so i can use a ‘read more’ link.

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First post

28 August 2013

Here we go!

This is my first blog post. I am getting this site/blog up and running using Jekyll, generated by Github pages. So far so good!

I plan on writing here about my development on Htpc Manager and other tech- and webrelated things. At the moment, i am working on some improvements for this site and am still figuring out if i like the current design or not.

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